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Online Yoga Instruction For All Individuals of All Abilities

Yoga Amber believes in providing accessible, affordable online yoga classes to all bodied individuals. As a yoga professional, she is passionate about providing Vinyasa yoga with various modifications and options to her clients. Her goal is to help each individual find what works for them

After a traumatic burn injury, Amber Wilcox discovered that many online yoga classes were not always focused on individuals—and further, severely underserved those that did not fit into traditional yogi stereotypes. During recovery, Amber experienced challenges finding yoga that catered to her specific needs and fit into her individual lifestyle. From overcoming these challenges, Amber vowed to make it her mission to provide yoga to meet an individual’s specific needs with modifications, stylings, and energy that caters to them. 

What does accessible online yoga mean to Amber?

Providing accessible yoga means that no matter the ability (mental or physical), size, age, location, class, background, or race of an individual—yoga can be practiced.  While the practice may look different for many, the benefits can still be the same. Accessible yoga means providing a safe space (whether on a mat, in a chair/bed) to take time for your self-care. 

Amber Wilcox Yoga Instruction

Amber took her first yoga class 3 years ago seeking an alternative to her regular workout routine. With 18 years of classically trained dance experience, she enjoyed some of the similar benefits of deep stretch, focus, and muscle toning.  Amber first discovered yoga with a goal was to find a relaxing, motivating workout that entertained both mind and body.

Amber’s sudden burn injury left her feeling like she might never do yoga again. With encouragement from family, several chair yoga classes, occupational and physical therapy, and lots of practice—she returned to yoga. While working to complete an online yoga challenge Amber met with various teachers across the country that motivated her to make yoga more than a practice—and find meaning in providing this passion and gift back to her community.

Amber’s opinion of the yoga practice has changed; it is not just about what can be gained physically. Today, yoga is about listening to her body, mind, and bringing the yogic spirit off of the mat.

Amber completed her 200-hour yoga certification with My Vinyasa Practice online, and is currently working to complete her 500-hour certification. She seeks to specialize in trauma-focused and adaptive yoga, to provide accessible yoga to special populations. She has her 200-Hour certification with Yoga Alliance and is certified to teach online through BeYogi.

Yoga Alliance RYT 200